Pet Odor

(Clean Master ) uses two methods for removal of pet odor from carpeting. The amount of urine contamination and your goals for removal will determine the method that best fits your needs.

Economy Pet Odor Removal

This method is best suited for minor odor removal, and for when pet accidents are a reoccurring problem. Our technicians will deep clean the contaminated carpet with solutions specially formulated to breakup urine deposits. After cleaning, a bacteria neutralizing treatment is applied to the face of the carpeting. This treatment rids your carpet fibers of odor causing bacteria, and leaves the carpet fresh and clean.

Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal

(Cleanmaster ) can guarantee the removal of pet odors by treating all contaminated surfaces. This includes treating the carpet fibers, carpet backing, padding, and the underlying floor when necessary. Our crews pinpoint the areas of contamination with mercury vapor lamps that detect urine deposits. Depending on the severity of the contamination, treatment may include disengagement of the carpet, and pad and tack strip replacement. All contaminated surfaces will be cleaned and treated with odor and bacteria destroying solutions. This method is recommended when guaranteed odor removal is desired, and when heavy urine contamination exists.

Our technicians are odor removal specialists. Unlike other cleaners, we won’t temporarily mask odors by spraying a perfume in the air. We restore a healthy, odor free environment by removing the odor causing bacteria from your home. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding pet odor removal.

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